How does it work?

You have found an interesting patent. What next?

You can find patents by using the various search fields in the database. Once you have found an interesting patent you simply click on it. You will see a list of information, including:

  • Information about the patent: patent number, patent title.

  • A link to the patent publication in patent databases.

  • Contact details of the patent owner/licensor.

Via the references to the Netherlands Patent Register, Espacenet and the EPO register you can find more detailed information about the patents, such as technical drawings and the countries in which the patent is valid.

You can contact the patent owner yourself using the contact details provided. The Netherlands Patent Office will not act as an intermediary.

You have signed the license agreement. What next?

If the patent owner and a licensee have signed a patent license agreement then the licensee is advised to register their license with the public Netherlands Patent Register. This will create a third party effect. This means that if the licensor (the patent owner) sells his patent then the buyer will have to respect the license.

Registration in the Netherlands Patent Register is usually done using an excerpt of the deed of license to ensure that no information on the agreement can be viewed by unauthorised persons. You can send the excerpt of the deed of license by mail to:

Netherlands Patent Office
P.O. Box 10366
2501 HJ The Hague

You can find information on the requirements for registering a license in the Netherlands Patent Register in Chapter 11 of the guidelines "Inschrijvingen in het Octrooiregister" (Dutch only).

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