Searching the database

You can search for patents using search fields, for example using keywords (in Dutch or English). You can use asterisks (*) as wildcards in these keywords. For example, the query ‘*stone’ will produce both ‘stone’ and ‘sandstone’. If you enter ‘*ston*’ then the system will also find ‘piston’, for example. For the complete list of patents available, please enter only a * in the search field 'Keyword(s)'.

However, if you restrict your search to keywords then you may miss patents that do not mention these specific words. One way to avoid this is to find the relevant IPC class in the list of results based on your keyword. An ‘IPC class’ is a code that describes the category and field of technology in which the patent is classified. These codes are found in all international patent databases and are independent of language or country of origin. When you enter the IPC class in the relevant search field then you will obtain more and better results.

You can also search by using several fields at once. The result is a list of patents that may be relevant to your situation. See the page ‘How does it work’ to find out what information you can obtain from these patent descriptions.

If you need help to search the database, please call the Public Information Desk of the Netherlands Patent Office:
+31 (0) 88 602 66 60.

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